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American Technology Timeline from 1790-1990

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American Technology Timeline

American Technology Timeline from 1790-1990

This example timeline as many documents technology developments in the United States from 1790 through 1990 as we could fit on a single page. 

Major developments in technology from 1790 through 1990 are chronicled in this timeline, including development of the sewing machine in 1833, the Telegraph machine in 1844, the first Thrill Ride in 1884, the first Digital Computer in 1939, the Space Shuttle in 1979, the first Video Game in 1972 and much more! 

If a favorite invention is missing rest assured it was not because the developers of this schedule did not consider it a key American invention, but that we just couldn't fit it on the timeline! We recognize that to make this a complete timeline we will need to make it much bigger!

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