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Early Sewing Machines - A Timeline showing the history of the sewing machine

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History of the Sewing Machine

Early Sewing Machines

Sewing Machines have been around for a long time but development of the sewing machine had a rough start.  Early inventors had the right idea and many patents were issued but working machines prior to 1830 haven't been found.  A French tailor named Barthelemy Thimonnier produced a working machine in 1830 but when he tried to get people to use it, riots were spawned.  People who did manual sewing (needle and thread) were afraid they would be replaced by the machine and out of fear of losing their job to this new invention they really went overboard. 

Walter Hunt, an American inventor, patented the first "lock-stitch" machine in 1834.  This machine was the precursor to today's serger machines which are very popular and in mass production.

Elias Howe got a patent in 1845 and was able to make it hold up in court against many other inventors who improved upon earlier sewing machines including Isaac Singer.  A consortium of sorts was formed and anyone who manufactured a sewing machine was obliged to pay royalties on each unit produced.

Today there are hundreds of sewing machine models in production with a vast array of features for both home and commercial use.  Integration with computers makes all kinds of applications possible and automatic.  Even so, people are still needed to operate sewing machines and today there are more people than ever involved in the profession of sewing.  The French people who rioted back in 1830 need not have worried!

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